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How would you deal with a client who rejected a prototype because of a "lorem ipsum" placeholder?

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Β·Sep 18, 2019Β·

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I just sent a Balsamiq cloud prototype to a client and when she replied, I felt like she was mad for seeing lorem ipsum on the prototype.

I politely explained what lorem ipsum was and the purpose of it but she insisted that the content should've been in english so she would know and understand the content of the website and how it would look.

I ended up using hipsum for the placeholder then replied that she'd look for a different provider for their website instead.

How would you feel? How would you go about it? I'm just curious.

Also, there's an email address of a person on the site. Should I email the person directly? This person I'm speaking to gave me her gmail instead of an email address with the company's domain. I'm really pissed right now and think that I should send my proposal to the contact person on the site.

Any reply would be appreciated.

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