The Art of Music Production Week 2: Writing and Recording with Identity, Vision, and Intention

The Art of Music Production Week 2: Writing and Recording with Identity, Vision, and Intention

Dec 27, 2020Β·

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Defining your artist identity

The single of Manila-based bedroom producer Soul Heist isn't what you hear in the original Filipino music scene. His debut single shows its views on blind judgment and opinions that talk about others negatively and how he breaks out of that judgment and takes off in his new character.

Defining Your Producer Identity

What is your identity as a music producer?

My identity as a music producer has special and technical skills because of my musical ability, arranging, editing, and programming knowledge. I also can create a safe space as a producer and has done this in the past.

Giving and Receiving Feedback

Giving Feedback

  1. Specific - the more general you are, the harder it is for the person to really understand what you have to say. The more specific you are, the more helpful you're actually being
  2. Helpful - Always endeavor to be helpful when you're giving feedback
  3. Kind - The more kind you are as you're doing it, the easier it's going to be for somebody to really let it in

Receiving Feedback

  1. Open - The more open you can be, the more you can really understand what is it that people are saying.
  2. Curious - Cultivate your curiosity
  3. Non-Defensive - Keep in mind your identity, your vision, and your intention as you receive that feedback


  1. Think Tycho and Telefon Tel Aviv with a healthy dose of Mouse on the Keys
  2. My artistic vision and intention for this work tape are to convey my enjoyment in this course. The idea is to tell the story of how excited I was in knowing that the scholarship grant from DOST-Caraga was extended after I forgot that I was a musician and enrolled in courses on Coursera for my professional career.