The Most Critical Detail A Freelancer Should Not Miss

The Most Critical Detail A Freelancer Should Not Miss


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My idea of freelancing was posting ads on different platforms like Fiver, Outsourcely, Guru & Freelancer then sleep.. Kidding, then develop my skills and build more projects while waiting for that notification that someone has accepted my bid. But..

I was wrong.

I started freelancing as a Ghost Producer and Mix/Mastering Engineer on Fiver and was having fun until I received a 3 star which levelled me below the threshold for sending bids to buyers.

1 week passed.. 2 weeks.. 3 weeks..

No notification arrived even if I did mass advertising on social media groups.

I then decided to go back to what I started in college and study some codes while allotting 2 hours for honing my Audio Skills. :smirk::smirk:

6 weeks passed. I learned some fundamentals of html/css, attended some classes on Udemy and LinkedIn Learning. Still no gigs.

The other day..

I bumped into my gym trainer and had a quick chat on why I haven't worked out for quite sometime. I mentioned that I lost my job and that I miss working out and in fact, I bought a jump rope for to give time to work outs at home.

I made a segway and showed him the sites I've built and how I host them on AWS S3 and that I just need to figure out how to link my domain names to the s3 domains provided by AWS to be able to host friends' websites for an affordable price.

After a few more conversations, he mentioned someone at the gym whom he trains that owns a business that sells residential & commercial lights and lamps and that I should shoot him a message on Facebook to gather info wether they need it a website re-designed, managed or developed. To my excite, I cut the conversation and mentioned I had errands so I had to go but before parting, I told him that I'll be working out the in the next couple of days and that I will be needing his help.

I immediately switched on my Mini and logged in to Facebook to send the guy a message about my interest in developing & designing their company website. As I was doing a quick background check on their Company Page, their products can be seen on 8 stores around the metro but their main office is 3 hours away from where I stay!:expressionless::expressionless:

My casual proposal is about 5-7 pages then connect a local API for their local deliveries and payment or use Shopify or develop a Jekyll Theme to make my life easier. But I'd prefer to develop the site on my own to gain experience.

Next stop is to finish my proposal from Proposify, finish my UI's & develop my developer skills.